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Cranks-up Calorie Burn So Your Body Sheds Fat Fast, Tone & strengthen the entire Body …

Getting you PRO-LEAN  and into amazing shape in 50 days while maintaining your hard-earned MUSCLE SHAPE & TONE

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If your serious about getting FITBODY conditioned


With this program you’ll learn how scientific and  natural-based fatburning linked with strength training methods can get you super lean while increasing muscle, tone to ensure your metabolism keeps you fitter for longer. 


Find a Fitness coach who has the experience to achieve Fantastic results

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Find a Fitness coach who understands your struggles & values what you value


Find a Fitness coach who specialise & high-quality & high efficient programs

Metabolic Stimulation Program

I want you to experience a Result Base fat burning method you can use to get Super-lean while increasing your muscle size,toned whilst achieving a great Body-shape in the next 7 weeks …getting you Pro-Lean ready.    

This is what the program is all about …                                                            



✅  Simple & Easy to follow (no diets) Metabolic Nutrition we make sure you eat to energies your body with the right nutritious foods.

✅✅  X3  coach-led training sessions per week with Coach Monty designed to skyrocket your fat loss, and tone your entire body.

✅✅✅  Accountability Personal coach to keep you determined motivated and inspired the whole time.

✅✅  An awesome coaching group with all the other likeminded, motivated, friendly people on board – supporting each other through the whole journey

✅✅✅✅  And … Top notch super cool stuff when you pre book your consult & get a FREE Master- Class to try this amazing program (click and book today)k today)


Training Sessions : Monday - Friday 
Choose : from 6 Coach-Led workouts per day 

only £19 for specialist personal coaching per sessions

Cost :£199

All packages Include : BONUS PROGRAMS

Metabolic Body Type
( Optimise your bio-chemistry ) - £75
Corrective Training - £100
7 foundation Principals on Holistic Life-Style - £150

Training with Coach Monty has been one great experience. He’s helped me to get fitter and stronger by personalising my training and nutrition. He has tailor-made every session to keep me interested and challenged. I’m doing exercises I never thought possible ! everybody comments on how my body is in the best shape ever .
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Angela Marsland
When I first started training with Coach Monty, I must have given him a run for his money as there was hell of a lot to work on! I was very weak but thanks to his holistic coaching prowess, motivating skills and inspiration I am now much healthier, stronger, happier, and a lot more confident. I now have an amazing shape.
Rachel Heart


Your mind is primary

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