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Getting super-Fit for Christmas

6 Week Metabolic Stimulation System

Cranks-up Calorie Burn So Your Body Sheds Fat Fast & Tones the entire Body …

Getting you PRO-LEAN  and into amazing shape in under 42 days while maintaining your hard-earned MUSCLE SHAPE & TONE


If your serious about getting FITBODY conditioned


With this program you’ll learn how scientific and  natural-based fatburning linked with strength training methods can get you super lean while increasing muscle, tone to ensure your metabolism keeps you fitter for longer. 


Find a Fitness coach who has the experience to achieve Fantastic results

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Find a Fitness coach who understands your struggles & values what you value


Find a Fitness coach who specialise & high-quality & high efficient programs

6 Week Metabolic Stimulation Program

I want you to experience a Result Base fat burning method you can use to get Super-lean while increasing your muscle size,toned whilst achieving a great Body-shape in the next 6 weeks …getting you Pro-Lean ready and prepared for Xmas period.    

This is what the program is all about …                                                            



✅  Simple & Easy to follow (no diets) Metabolic Nutrition we make sure you eat to energies your body with the right nutritious foods.

✅✅  3 training sessions per week with Coach Monty designed to skyrocket your fat loss, and tone your entire body.

✅✅✅  Accountability Personal coach to keep you determined motivated and inspired the whole time.

✅✅  An awesome coaching group with all the other likeminded, motivated, friendly people on board – supporting each other through the whole journey

✅✅✅✅  And … top notch super cool stuff when you pre book your consult and get a 7 day FREE assessment added to this amazing program (click and book today)

Training with Coach Monty has been one great experience. He’s helped me to get fitter and stronger by personalising my training and nutrition. He has tailor-made every session to keep me interested and challenged. I’m doing exercises I never thought possible ! everybody comments on how my body is in the best shape ever .
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Angela Marsland

Did you KNOW your Metabolic BODY Type ?

Can determine what kinds of foods will work best for you. Reveals the secret to shedding unwanted pounds and achieving optimum vitality with lasting results.

Can CRUNCHES & SITS-UPS burn fat of your Stomach ?

You cant spot reduce & so called experts are filling the airwaves with false message  It’s Simply not true. If it were everybody would be walking around with six-packs

When I first started training with Coach Monty, I must have given him a run for his money as there was hell of a lot to work on! I was very weak but thanks to his holistic coaching prowess, motivating skills and inspiration I am now much healthier, stronger, happier, and a lot more confident. I now have an amazing shape.
Rachel Heart


Your mind is primary

Amazing bodyshape

A healthy Heart

Reduce stress