As a Holistic lifestyle a Practitioner I am a coach I not a trainer or therapist. What makes us different is our amazing ability to assess so many different aspects of our clients health and fitness and then formulate a plan with our client that will guide them to true perfect health and well-being

fitness should be a pleasure

Monty is all about giving clients the results they want. With over 25 years of experience, he has empowered each person to train at their best. His clients enjoy training with him because he’s the best at what he does and he will ensure you have fun in fitness whilst kicking your butt for the best results. Monty ensures that everybody who works out with him improves not just in health & amazing physical shape but gains a positive mental attitude. That’s because he uses a personalized, holistic approach & performance related fitness program to make sure  you have great success! Offering an amazing fitness experience, selling outcomes with guaranteed results. A coach that believes  fitness should be a pleasure and a program should be as unique as you are.

making good bodies great



one thing binds all our personal clients , a burning desire to change

Extraordinary Experiences

Our Core Values

Give your Best 97%
Determination 93%
Persistance 92%